Modern Pools & Service

“With the FleetBoss system, I now have total confidence in knowing how my business is doing and can verify what my service personnel are doing. The Boss system is the single greatest asset we’ve added to our business since we put in computers. I think it’s an essential tool.”

Mr. Jim Rasco
Houston TX


— With several service calls per day, it was essential that we could track actual service calls against the work assignments for the day.
— I was interested to know just how much time was being spent on “convenience stops” at the beginning and end of each day.


— Fuel savings and much less wear and tear on the engines. I discovered that some trucks were idling 6 hours a day. Having put an end to that, we are now saving significantly on gasoline and mechanical repairs.
— Proof of service calls is helpful for many reasons. If a customer calls to question a service call, or even accuse us of letting their dogs out, we have an actual record that can confirm or deny our presence on their property.
— I can easily look up the vehicle’s mileage to know when to have the oil changed and verify that the truck was actually taken to the oil change facility.