FleetBoss Foundations

A complete onboarding, training and development program from veteran fleet technology integrators.

Based on over two decades of fleet technology planning, deployment and training, FleetBoss Foundations offers the onboarding information that will help achieve goals and elevate your performance as an individual and an organization using fleet technology.

In a way that only FleetBoss can provide, your fleet data will act as living laboratories, integrating your in-class exploration of telematics information with first-hand experiences in similar industries. Our field and deployment experience bring the FleetBoss approach to life in real-time via personal web training or online videos. We can inspire practical, position-specific best-practices or begin with basics so that you can take back to your own team or organization.


before an investment

Your onboarding process actually begins before an investment is made. A ‘Discovery’ meeting or conference call is scheduled to begin a thorough information exchange process.

  • Compare systems and capabilities vs. intended goals.
  • Make recommendations on best practices.
  • Identify customization requirements including reports.
  • Review Employee Introduction Tips.
  • Provide direction for unionized or special environments.
  • Review the implementation process including options for scheduling of reports, alerts and events.

Meet Your Integration Specialist

During the meeting, you’ll be introduced to a FleetBoss integration specialist: A 15+ year veteran of GPS telematics, hardware/software fleet applications and technology integration. Your representative will serve as project manager and liaison to other FleetBoss support, accounting and development team members assigned to your organization. You’ll receive all names and contact numbers for each member of your assigned FleetBoss support team. Your specialist will help with options to match your organization’s needs with a preferred level of service(s):

Once identified, your specialist will review desired options including users, groups, access, security protocols and recommend solutions. Usually there is more than one way to accomplish goals with fleet technology. It’s not unusual to explore more than one option.


OF investment levels

If a solution is favored, your FleetBoss Integration Specialist can provide approximate investment levels and preferred terms including finance and installation options. Ask you integration specialist regarding fleet technology tax deductible purchases.

Before Shipment

Upon purchase, our goal is to provide your organization exactly what is needed at the time on day one system of use. Any of system hardware will arrive already programmed, labeled and assigned to a vehicle for easy installation. Users, owners and managers will be programmed into your system depending on platform based on discussed customization parameters.


FleetBoss practices an open communication throughout our set-up, deployment and training processes. If at any time or reason you’re not satisfied, please let us know. Really. Your FleetBoss Integration Specialist expects users preference requests and settings adjustments during the onboarding process. Feel free to ask questions about any subject at any time while your system is being prepared.

Training the Culture

Training instills confidence. FleetBoss has trained and deployed thousands of telematics and fleet management solutions for over twenty years.

At FleetBoss, we share powerful lessons developed by service industries, manufacturers and municipalities in the continual pursuit of excellence with regard to their telematics solution and fleet technology experience. System use, achieving company goals, improving employee excellence, enhancing your customer service, reducing costs and improving efficiencies—these universal pillars are key elements of the FleetBoss difference. Together, they forge a powerful engagement between system, motivated employees, positive management, satisfied customers and an organization’s ability to continually scale and grow.

During training, learn about developing key metrics and analytics to drive your business operations that were once unmeasurable. You’ll start to think differently—outside the constraints of old frameworks. When you adapt FleetBoss insights to fit your organizational and operational needs, you’ll gain the tools to make a positive impact and see results that you can sustain.

Your customized FleetBoss training is web-based and recorded for sharing and re-review. This ensures nothing slips thru the cracks and focuses the trainee on using the data and information easily. If a user has additional questions, a video review can serve as a valued tool for re-training and sharing within the organization.

  • FleetBoss will:
  • Train the solution person-to-person at your convenience.
  • Record the Live training for remote or distributed team members.
  • Retrain - as needed - for service, functionality and updates to your new personnel.
  • Hours of Service (ELD/DVIR), and any driver interactive components include both administrative and driver support training.

Have Questions? Get them answered:


FleetBoss maintains an in-house and national network of installation technicians for the convenience of all USA clients.

  • Your solution(s) and all ancillary components will be installed on your time as your fleet is available.
  • To minimize vehicle downtime, FleetBoss will schedule installation at your site or remote locations where drivers and vehicles may be today.
  • FleetBoss highly recommends the use of wiring harnesses for out-of-site/out-of-mind installation. The only thing the driver does is their job.
  • All installations are guaranteed and fully covered under warranty.
  • All installations are subject to a final quality control systems review including vehicle communications, database and device performances.

Foundational Futures

What happens after initial training? FleetBoss will to help your business as technology evolves.

Updates and upgrades. Service and training. FleetBoss maintains a serious commitment of quality control and continuous improvement in each of these areas. As your fleet technology integrator, FleetBoss will attempt to communicate in the most personal way practical. We value relationships more than transactions and will strive to keep you abreast of pertinent information affecting any way your system can improve within your organization.

  • Foundational Future Program Goals:
  • Adapt FleetBoss fleet management use strategies as technology evolves to assess and improve your organizational culture.
  • Shape positive driving attributes and reward transportation work cultures based on measured driving behaviors, productivity and efficiency metrics.
  • Use training strategies that ensure employees are confident in their roles.
  • Improve communication, operations and empower field personnel or drivers with tools to strengthen morale and proof of services rendered.
  • Create a supportive environment through genuine care and recognition programs

At times we may contact you to inquire about system satisfaction, new best practices and technology trends that may improve the way your business uses its FleetBoss solution. We understand that over time your processes, or even the direction of your business, will change. FleetBoss offers several resources to help your business adapt to changing conditions:

  • Foundational Future Program Goals:
  • White papers with specific focus on new system best practice strategies
  • Online training webinars and collaboration
  • Invitations to online (new) product education and information demonstrations.

The FleetBoss Client Covenant.

Our service promise to you.

FleetBoss is a 20+ year service leader in fleet technology integration. All FleetBoss products and services are backed by a comprehensive covenant of quality and satisfaction extended to every member of your organization.

  • Your FleetBoss solution is completly supported by qualified in-house, US based FleetBoss technical support engineers with decades of experience.
  • FleetBoss technicians are available whenever you need to install new devices.
  • Replacement hardware is available for shipping overnight anytime during business hours.
  • FleetBoss opens a support ticket - automatically – for every e-mail our support team receives which ensures fast response and quality-control follow-up before closure.
  • Your FleetBoss Integration Specialist is available even after the sale for questions, follow-up and satisfaction. FleetBoss is open from 8 am to 5pm Monday to Friday Eastern Time.
  • FleetBoss Support can be contacted via e-mail at support@fleetboss.com or directly at (407) 265-9559 for person-to-person service . For over twenty years, FleetBoss has honored its commitments and fulfilled its obligations. We genuinely welcome your contact and work hard to earn our rewards daily.
  • Our daily operations bring the FleetBoss approach to life in real-time, so we can inspire practical applications that users are welcome to share with other team members or your entire organization.