Testimonials and Case Studies

"Every dollar... counts towards maximizing profits. We've estimated about $15,000 of fuel saving annually"
Soil Remediation, Inc.
Ray City, GA
"The FleetBoss system identified after-hours trips, excessive idling and drivers who need a bit of 'character handling.'"
Precision Door
San Diego, CA
"FleetBoss has improved fuel savings, payroll and productivity.. I welcome FleetBoss and its programs as a trusted advisor"
Pirtek, USA
Folcraft, NJ
"For those who are looking into your GPS technology as an expense rather than money saver -- think again"
Monarch Pools
Totowa, NJ
"FleetBoss is a "must have" for any successful service company.. take my advice."
Ledgewater Pools
Falmouth, ME
"The technology has provided a side benefit we weren't expecting: risk management"
Dynamic Environmental Svcs.
Giesman, LA
"In school, they have report cards, At Bill Bradley Plumbing, the drivers have FleetBoss... "
Bill Bradley Services
Montgomery, AL
"FleetBoss provides a solid product backed with excellent technical support and training"
Ameri-Vend Services
Lansing, MI