Service. Re-Defined.

At FleetBoss Global Positioning Solutions, Inc., our dedication to mission allows us to maintain a premier position as the industry leader in providing fleet technology integration and business profitability solutions. We fulfill this mission with a commitment to the highest possible level of personal service policies each day:

  • No need to press “0”. All telephone calls to FleetBoss are answered by a person. Immediately.
  • Got a question? Call or e-mail Our support division is empowered with answers and decision-making capabilities to resolve nearly anything.
  • As FleetBoss begins its third decade of service, our integration specialists rank as some of the most experienced in the industry. From system architecture and planning to installation and training, our 20+ year veterans are available at any time to discuss your unique needs with no appointment required.


FleetBoss Fleet Management Solutions’ core values are the reason that our services, products and enduring customer relationships are unparalleled in the fleet management industry.

  • We honor commitments and fulfill our obligations.
  • We communicate in the most personal way practical.
  • We value relationships more than transactions.
  • We earn our rewards every day.
  • We recognize attitude is just as important as aptitude.
  • We own our mistakes.

Have Questions? Get them answered:



How about catching your team doing something right? In addition to concerns, FleetBoss integration specialists will share how to look for positive outliers, trends and know how to recognize and reward those performing above benchmark performance levels. FleetBoss knows that technology is a critical component of any employee empowerment program. That’s why we are committed to designing solutions that enhance the partnership between workers and management.

Shopping Assistance.

You can call multiple companies, or you can call FleetBoss. For over twenty years, valued clients have sought FleetBoss for unbiased recommendations and comparisons on the highest award-winning systems. Any fleet technology program begins with a “foundational” or “essential” choice of hardware and software options. FleetBoss helps you narrow the field with expert, professional advice.

Industry and Position-Specific Custom Reports

 No matter the department or position, FleetBoss offers best-practice advice for company-specific positions re: system use, alerts and key reports. FleetBoss integration specialists know which data is important and how to use it for measurable results.

Employee Introduction Manuals & Guidelines

Written answers to tough FAQs of system introduction, deployment, adoption and integration.

Large, Middle or Small Fleet Sizes Welcome

FleetBoss offers scalable solutions and services for businesses of every size, from “Mom & Pop” operations to the largest corporate enterprises and public sector service providers.