Canteen of Central New Mexico

“The vending industry is a cash business. FleetBoss is an invaluable tool for taking the guess work out of our vending deliveries which, in turn, lets our revenue collection go more smoothly. FleetBoss also gives us complete control over the efficiency and productivity of our delivery force.

The true success of our FleetBoss fleet management solution isn’t just measured by the savings we’ve enjoyed or our return on investment. Its biggest benefit is peace of mind.”

 Kevin Callesan
Albuquerque NM



Canteen of New Mexico wanted to enhance the efficiency and safety of its company’s vehicles. It also wanted to verify time and place of vending deliveries.


— Reduction of fuel costs due to lower speeds and less idling.
— Monitored drivers are safer and more accountable.
— Actual deliveries can be compared against schedules.
— Objective data is used to enhance and expand good customer relations.