Improve Productivity

You know you’d see higher productivity if you rode along in each vehicle.

Now you can.

FleetBoss's detailed productivity reports show you every detail of each driver's service stops, non-service stops and actual length of a service call or installation.


Job Productivity Goes Up

"We have been able to monitor unnecessary use of our vehicles, promote safer driver habits among our drivers, and curb wasted travel time, all of which boosts company revenue as well as allowing us to better manage job production. I don't know how we could ever afford not to have the tracking system. We highly recommend this product to any company with a fleet of vehicles."

Jerry Johnson
Metro Comfort Masters, Inc.
Stock Bridge, GA

Inefficiency Decreases

"The FleetBoss system simply makes my business more efficient. We can make decisions based on actual data and best of all, I know that my employees are honest people and that feels good."

David McCall
TCK Service Group
Phoenix, AZ

Increased Service Calls

"The biggest improvement that we have seen in our business since FleetBoss was installed is the substantial increase in productivity that we are now realizing. Our crews are able to pick up additional service calls each week without adding any overtime hours to our payroll, which adds profit to our bottom line."

Christopher Lambrinides
All County Window Cleaning
Ogdensburg, NJ

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