Sample Reports

FleetBoss develops tailored GPS fleet management systems for each of our clients, specifically designed to meet their business needs and provide data and reporting solutions that help them stay competitive and better manage their vehicle operations and their bottom line.

On this page, you will see a small sampling of the types of reports and information that are available through FleetBoss GPS, helping you identify areas for improvement and cost savings and ultimately helping to optimize your fleet management.

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Real Time Location

For fleet operations with multiple groups – such as emergency medical services, public works, utilities and service vehicles - each vehicle will be assigned to a unique group. All vehicles will be maintained in a single database.

Trip Records and “Bread Crumbs”

Turns, stops and stops are captured to recreate trips with precision. Yellow highlights on the Trip History Report show after hours trips. Red shows excess engine idling.

Predictive Maintenance

Automated reports allow you to prioritize vehicles for repair based on their active diagnostic faults.  Depending on your engines, they will also produce a range of useful engine use information.


Going Beyond GPS!