FleetBoss Experiences With Public Sector


Times are tough for municipalities and public sector managers. You need every advantage you can get, and budgets are tight. That’s where FleetBoss GPS comes in, with fleet management systems that recoup their cost very quickly while giving you the tools you need to better manage your vehicles. FleetBoss GPS is a pioneer in the GPS fleet management industry, with over 12 years of experience helping cities and other public sector entities select and implement the best solutions for:

     -- Improved accountability of people and assets
     -- Automated recordkeeping for large vehicle fleets
     -- Real time access to vehicle locations and data
     -- Preventative maintenance and scheduling of services
     -- Reducing fuel costs and overall operations costs

And that’s just the beginning. FleetBoss GPS is able to draw on over a decade of experience to share best practices with its clients in areas like data mining, risk mitigation, insurance and claims cost reduction and more. With FleetBoss GPS, it’s not about the box, it is about the data that you need to make better decisions, manage within your budget, and maintain accountability to ensure that the public investment is managed responsibly.

Call FleetBoss GPS today and let us help you with your public sector fleet challenges. You’ll be glad that you did!

Going Beyond GPS!