FleetBoss Experience With Corporate Fleets

The bigger the company, the more complex the business. We realize that, and at FleetBoss GPS we have worked for over a decade to develop comprehensive fleet management systems that not only reduce the costs of managing large fleets, but also reduce complexity. FleetBoss GPS was one of the first companies to develop GPS-based fleet management systems for large-scale deployment, and we take great pride in our ability to provide the best technology, the most relevant solutions, and the best value to our clients.

Whether you are the fleet manager for a regional operation or a senior executive for a global enterprise with locations throughout North America, FleetBoss GPS has a system that is right for you. We have developed partnerships with the leading technologists and original-equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the industry, making it possible for FleetBoss to develop customized solutions based on the client’s needs, not “one size fits all” off-the-shelf boxes. And with our reporting tools and data capabilities, you will gain insights to your business that will not only help you reduce your costs but also capitalize on the investment you’ve made in your business fleet.

Call FleetBoss GPS today to learn more about our tailored solutions and best of breed technology platforms. You’ll be glad you did!

Going Beyond GPS!